Grand Arcade Cycle Park: what the developers claim

This article was published in 2008, in Newsletter 77.

Bicycles outside the Grand Arcade’s unopened cycle park.
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Numerous members of the public and of the Campaign have contacted us to forward an e-mail (see below) they received from the Grand Arcade developers, whose lethargy in getting the Grand Arcade Cycle Park fitted out correctly has rightly caused a lot of anger and bad press for John Lewis.

We are aware there has been some frustration over the delay in opening the Grand Arcade cycle park. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused but it was important for us to ensure the management strategy for running the park enables the best possible service.

Services which the cycle park will provide include valet parking, bike hire facilities and a high quality shop amongst other plans. The valet parking area of the scheme will be manned by the cycle shop operator. This facility will have an operating charge, which is currently being finalised with the operator. The legal arrangements for this service are in their final stages and we hope to announce further detail well ahead of the centre opening on Thursday 27 March.

In the meantime, work on the cycle park is being carried out, in line with the city council planners and operators requirements, including widening of the stands and minor work on the public access area to the park. This work will enable the public parking area, which is free of charge includes cycle racks, and is covered by the centre’s CCTV, to be up and running by the centre opening.

The cycle park has always been an important part of the Grand Arcade scheme and we have been working hard to get it right. The Grand Arcade cycle park will be one of the biggest in the country offering excellent facilities to Cambridge cyclists far above anything currently available.

Stop Press

We issued a formal notification to the City Council Planning Department that we expect to see the planning conditions enforced if the development is to open on time. A day or two later, members reported that changes to fix the spacing between the stands seem to be being made.

Martin Lucas-Smith