Letters: puncture-free tyres

This article was published in 2008, in Newsletter 76.

Dear Editor,

David Earl (Green Tyres, Newsletter 75) asks ‘How can I avoid [punctures] in the future?’ Answer: fit Schwalbe Marathon tyres. For a fraction of the price he paid for those gimmicky Green Tyres, he could fit his bike with a hard-wearing and very puncture resistant tyre which has a ‘Kevlar’ belt built in to the tread area. I fitted Marathons (type HS-308, size 32-622) to my daily commuting machine 3 years ago and can’t remember the last puncture I had. My wife’s 15-year-old bike – which is not used daily – is still fitted with the original Marathons and she’s never had a puncture!

Whatever tyres he fits David Earl would also be well advised to check the tread of his tyres for embedded glass fragments every so often; these ‘burrow’ into the tyre and eventually reach the inner tube, causing slow punctures.

Tip: in Cambridge the best deal on Schwalbe tyres is at University Cycles.

David Green