Parking Policy published

This article was published in 2008, in Newsletter 76.

A better balance needs to be made between the needs of motorists to park their cars and other road users such as people walking and cyclists using busy roads (for whom car parking can often cause real difficulties or danger spots).
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The County Council reviewed during 2007 its on-street parking policies in light of the growth agenda and the increasing pressures on the county’s road network. The review looked into various aspects of parking management including:

  • consistency of parking policy with long-term strategic transport needs
  • the balance of residents’ and commuter parking controls
  • the role of residents’ parking schemes
  • controlled parking areas
  • the relationship between on- and off-street parking charges and bus fares
  • disabled parking controls
  • parking in new developments
  • cycle parking
  • car clubs
“The provision of cycle parking should form part of all parking proposals” say the County. We will hold them to this.

Of course, cycle parking is of most relevance to us in this context.

For the first time, cycle parking is now required to form part of all parking proposals that come forward.

Cycling between parked cars and moving traffic Cycling between parked cars and moving traffic

Point 4 in the policy reads:

“On-street parking controls shall secure a reasonable balance of all parking needs, for motorised and non-motorised vehicles, taking into account strategic transport objectives and the need to secure appropriate provision for local residents.”

and the guidance, which acts as the interpretation of the main policy text, reads:

“Cycle parking: the provision of cycle parking should form part of all parking proposals but for cycle parking to be used it needs to be reasonably close to the destination and to provide a reasonable level of security.”

We shall be watching like a hawk to ensure that cycle parking “forms part of all parking proposals” that come forward!

The new policy is on the County’s website at:

Martin Lucas-Smith