New Stall Bike

This article was published in 2007, in Newsletter 75.

New bike for the stall

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Thanks to a grant we obtained from Sustainable City, we have purchased an amazing new bike for the stall. It is Dutch, painted in yellow, and is very eye-catching, which should hopefully draw visitors to it. Work is at hand to create a folding-out table so that it the stall can be transported more easily to special events that we attend. (We had hoped to complete this by now, but the summer has been very busy, with the congestion charge and other matters to consider!)

At the AGM we created a position of events officer, amongst whose responsibilities would be the stall. Sadly, no-one stood. If you have ideas for running events to promote the Campaign and cycling more generally (and apparently Cambridge is full of such people), or could help organise the stall and volunteers (either regularly on some Saturdays or just for special events), do let us know.

Martin Lucas-Smith