Another Bicycle Ambulance Service: mobile repairs at Park Street Cycle Park

This article was published in 2007, in Newsletter 75.

Rick Wilson has set up his mobile bicycle repair shop inside the Park Street Cycle Park. Park Street Cycle Park opened in July 2002 and has seen a steady growth in use.
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St John Ambulance has been operating a weekend bicycle ambulance service, using Park Street Cycle Park as a base since about this time last year. But now the cycle park has gained a new and different kind of bicycle ambulance service. After working on a hawker’s licence for two years, Rick Wilson has set up his mobile bicycle repair shop inside the Cycle Park. He offers a full repair service all day on Thursdays and Fridays. You can contact him on 07838 162572 or by e-mail:

More changes are promised at the cycle park. Some of the vertical cycle lockers have been sold off to another business and are eventually to be replaced with more horizontal cycle lockers as the demand rises. About a dozen swimming-pool style clothes lockers, with a key deposit are also anticipated. We are also expecting changes at the main entrance to facilitate cyclists to ride in and out of the cycle park more easily. However there have been further delays and there is still no certainty when these promises will materialise.

Simon Nuttall