You’re reading this from where?

This article was published in 2007, in Newsletter 74.

I expect most of you who read this have CB postcodes, but with expanding interest in cycling worldwide, we sometimes have requests from readers of our website from the other side of the ‘Pond’ and even the other side of the globe. We’ve even had comments about our ‘how to fix a puncture article’ from New Zealand, and a request to reproduce pictures from our ‘photomap’ from a local authority in Australia.

If you are reading this in the deepest jungles of Africa or South America, or even in a country that has recently joined the EU, do let us know, especially if you’ve found something useful. Even if you are reading this from a ‘CB’, ‘SG’, or ‘PE’, we still welcome comments, letters to the editor, or even an article we could include in the next issue.

Jim Chisholm