Your streets this month

This article was published in 2007, in Newsletter 74.

Gonville Place Crossing

By the time you receive this Newsletter, work should be under way to restore the crossing from Gresham Road to Parker’s Piece to its former more user-friendly status. However, we believe that more work will be needed in future to improve the crossing for both cyclists and pedestrians. See article.

Guided bus route in the south

Long Road is again open to all traffic after engineers have tunnelled beneath to make way for the guided bus maintenance track, aka cycle track, to join Trumpington Park and Ride to the station. Work has also begun near Hills Road bridge with metal supporting piles having been driven into the ground close to the signal box in preparation for further work to take the route beneath the bridge. See article.

Chesterton Road Crossing

Work on the new cycle route to link Milton Road, via Chesterton Hall Crescent, with the Fort St George river bridge is now taking place. The pedestrian crossing near George Street is being upgraded to accommodate cyclists. There is a fairly wide central refuge and now a new build-out to make more room to wait at the lights has been constructed on the north side. We will need to keep an eye on the space between refuge and build-out. We have been promised cycle lanes 1.5 m wide. See article.

Cycle racks in Norfolk Street

The East Area Committee approved costs for installing six cycle stands in Norfolk Street nearly opposite CB2 café.

Argyle Street pram arms & bollards to be removed
Image as described adjacent

The East Area Committee approved recommendations to remove or alter pram arms and chicanes at several points. These are Argyle Street-Charles Street, Derby Road-Bancroft Close, Derby Road-Sterne Close, Wycliffe Road-Seymour Street, Perne Road-Lichfield Road, Rustat Road-Corrie Road and Gisbourne Road-Radegund Road. Happily the recommendation is to remove both arms and bollards from the central path at Argyle Road.

Sadly, however, an objection was lodged about the removal of all the posts in the passage between Marmora Road and Coleridge Road (part of the Cherry Hinton to city centre cycle route), because of fears of use by motorbikes – not a serious problem in our opinion – and a decision about this will be taken later.

Science Park

A gate is to be put up at the Science Park exit near Cambridge Regional College, which will be shut outside normal working hours with no way through for cyclists. So if you want to get into the Science Park outside normal working hours, you will have to cycle between one and two miles to get in by the main entrance.

Parking for car club users

The local authorities are proposing to reserve for car club members some parking spaces in Cockburn Street and in St Philip’s Road as well in Park Street, Queen Anne Terrace, Adam and Eve Street and Great Eastern Street car parks. A car club provides its members with flexible access to the hire of a vehicle. Vehicles are parked in reserved parking spaces and can be used and paid for on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. This is good news for cyclists as it reduces the need for car ownership. See article.


If you don’t know where you can cycle in the city centre, keep a look out for the Campaign’s new city centre cycle map due for publication soon.