This article was published in 2007, in Newsletter 74.

Politicians cycling

The item you quote from the Coventry newsletter looks somewhat misleading. From the fact that only 10 MPs claim for cycling on their annual expense forms it makes the completely unwarranted deduction that only these 10 MPs cycle, whereas in fact it is more reasonable to suppose that many more cycle but don’t bother to claim for it.

As a city councillor I am entitled to claim mileage for both car and bicycle travel – but you won’t get any clues as to how I travel on council business by looking at my expense claims, as I never claim for either. So you could not find out how many councillors cycle on council business by looking at expense claims. (I might try to persuade you that I don’t claim because the council needs the money more than I do, but perhaps it would be more honest to say that I simply can’t be bothered with the paperwork.)

Cllr Tim Ward Cambridge City Council

Anonymous letters

We received an anonymous letter headed ‘(Loveable?) Rogue Cyclists’ in response to Lisa Woodburn’s article in Newsletter 73. It is Campaign policy not to print anonymous letters, but if the writer would like to identify himself or herself, we will gladly print the letter.