Campaign monthly meetings

This article was published in 2007, in Newsletter 74.

see our Events pages for up to current information

We are continuing our regular cycle of speakers and other special events at monthly meetings. As below, we hope to have a speaker or presentation for the first half, then items for discussion as usual.

Councillors and other decision-makers, and indeed the general public, are most welcome to attend these meetings.

Open meetings, to which everyone is welcome, are held every month. The diary section of this Newsletter and our website has the dates of forthcoming meetings, which are normally on the first Tuesday of each month at 7.30 pm for 8 pm at the Friends’ Meeting House, Jesus Lane. Tea and coffee are served from around 7.30 pm.

Reports of recent meetings

At our August meeting, three of our members told us about their use of handlebar- or carrier-mounted video cameras on their bikes, in order to demonstrate dramatically the problems of poor driving standards, as well as thoughtless provision, which cyclists encounter daily on the roads.

The second half of the August meeting was a presentation by Jim on the Demand Management (Congestion Charging) proposals, based on the information we have so far managed to obtain.

And in September, Alasdair Massie gave us a presentation entitled ‘Designing for Cyclists’ which covered a whole range of issues relating to the right and wrong approaches towards a safe cycling environment. The slides are available on our website.

Thanks to Ben, Ian and Paul, and to Jim and Alasdair for their work preparing these various presentations.

Congestion charge debate
Tuesday 2 October 2007

This meeting will offer a chance to debate the County Council’s proposals for an enormous £500m package of investment coupled with a weekday morning peak congestion charge. We will begin with a presentation to bring members up to speed on the information we have so far, followed by a good hour for debate.

Annual General Meeting
Tuesday 6 November 2007

See the AGM article for details. We hope that as many members as possible will attend.

Cycling 2020 launch to members
Tuesday 4 December

Our Cycling 2020 document is nearing completion, and we expect to launch it around the monthly general meeting on Tuesday 4 December. Cycling 2020 is to be a visionary document for cycling in the city over the next 15 years. The brochure will contain a series of achievable but challenging plans for the delivery of an attractive cycling infrastructure, and act as a focus for campaigning. Come along and see our presentation of the document. (This meeting was originally scheduled for October.)