Group or corporate members

This article was published in 2007, in Newsletter 74.

We are delighted to welcome as new Corporate Members our website hosts, Mythic Beasts, a Cambridge-based company who have provided us with excellent service over the last year. They have recently kindly agreed to host our website and e-mail lists for free, for which we are most appreciative.

Group or Corporate membership of Cambridge Cycling Campaign is available in support of its aims and to provide a means for members of the group or company to access the Cycling Campaign’s services. Groups may include constituted organisations, companies and bicycle user groups. We aim to be flexible.

For a membership fee of at least £25, the organisation receives the following benefits:

  • At least two copies of each edition of the newsletter, and other mailings. Additional copies can be provided, but we would like the organisation to cover the cost.
  • A concessionary rate (£3.50) for employees or members of the group to join the Campaign individually. They can then obtain the usual benefits of individual membership such as discounts, except newsletters which would be directed via the group (or accessible on our website).
  • A single vote at Cycling Campaign meetings, where relevant.
  • We’ll also supply a group membership certificate.

If your organisation would like to join as a group member, just fill in the membership form available on our website, but make a note on it that you are the contact for a group, and what the group is, and send a cheque for the appropriate amount.