Rat and dead Parrot

This article was published in 2007, in Newsletter 73.

Delivery vehicles force cyclists to commit an offence on Downing Street. The manager of the bar, who is breaking planning restrictions, responded only with abuse.
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Readers with a long memory may remember that when the January estate agents office in Downing Street was converted to a pub (the Rat and Parrot) a planning condition was imposed that no deliveries were permitted after 7.30 am. Of course, the contraflow mandatory cycle lane means no loading or unloading is permitted at any time directly in front of the premises. Cambridge Cycling Campaign had a number of exchanges with both the police and the city planners, and after an enforcement notice was served by Cambridge City Council, far fewer infringements occurred.

Now a Revolution has occurred, or rather the pub has changed hands, and changed name (to the Revolution). During the refit much trouble has occurred with delivery vehicles and builders stopping illegally, often obstructing both the footway and the cycle lane. I’ve not seen any police action here.

The pub has reopened, and I’d hoped that the planning restrictions might limit such infringements. As a regular user of that cycle lane, I’ve complained, and complained, both to delivery drivers and the city planners. I’ve been told that the new owners and managers were unaware of the restrictions and are clearly ignorant of The Highway Code, but that they have been visited by the city planning enforcement team. At least initially this had some limited effect. One morning at nine, when I complained about a large delivery lorry obstructing both the footway and cycle lane, I was met with a stream of abuse. I asked to speak to the Manager, and was told, ‘I am the f***ing manager!’

The City enforcement team say that they need to ‘catch them in the act’, and I’ve asked why the CCTV team cannot alert them when infringements occur?

If you see a delivery or service vehicle obstructing this cycle lane, please contact (01223) 457162 or (01223) 457163 if after 7.30 am, or 0845 456 456 4 and ask for the delivery and waiting regulations to be enforced.

Jim Chisholm