Your streets this month

This article was published in 2007, in Newsletter 73.

Cowley Road junction

Works are now complete at the junction of Cowley Road and the Science Park. However, the result seems to be most unsatisfactory for cyclists. One user (Robert Frisk) expressed very well his opinion of the changes:

The two new junctions on the cycle route are accidents waiting to happen as excessive periods of apparent inactivity of traffic lead to cyclists crossing when they have no idea of the status of the traffic signals for the carriageways. The signalling for a cyclist/pedestrian on the crossings appears minimal; there are no detection loops on the cycle approaches, in the relatively short space it is now incumbent on a cyclist/pedestrian to cross seven carriageways with traffic coming from a wide variety of angles. Before the junction upgrade the cycle route was almost uninterrupted, now all equality with other road users has been lost. As a resident of Milton it is most disappointing that that increased safety born from the cycle bridge/new path has now been completely negated by once again having to cross two major junctions.

New Bit path

New Bit: improved path. Map by OpenStreetMap, CC-by-SA – some rights reserved.
Image as described adjacent

New Bit is the grass common area opposite the Botanic Garden and between the two paths which run from Trumpington Road towards Newnham. Proposals put before the AJC recommend that the southernmost path which forms part of the National Cycle Network Route 11 should be widened, including the cattle grids at the Trumpington Road end, and the provision of LED studs to provide waymarking at night time. The Campaign has welcomed these improvements to this important cycle route. The AJC agreed to proceed to consult on these proposals.


Pedestrians and cyclists can still get through Riverside while it is closed for construction of the new cycle bridge, but the diversion has not been without teething troubles.
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As reported in Newsletter 72, Riverside is closed to motor traffic. We have received a number of complaints about the inadequate provision for pedestrians and cyclists and of an abandoned car blocking the way through. On a happier note, the timetable tells us that the steel structure of the bridge will be constructed from mid-July, so a detour in that direction to see the bridge taking shape may well soon be worthwhile.

Newmarket Road and Maid’s Causeway

At the Cambridge Environment and Traffic Management Area Joint Committee (AJC) on 16 July 2007, Core Stage 5 proposals for the length of road between the East Road roundabout and the Four Lamps roundabout were discussed. The officers recommended that the Committee agree to the installation of a pedestrian crossing by the Zebra pub and that the limit for the weight of lorries allowed along the road should be 7.5 tonnes. Officers suggested that consideration of a 20 mph speed limit should be deferred until the County Council’s Speed Limit Policy had been determined. The AJC agreed the officers’ recommendations.

Gonville Place crossing

There is still no news about when work will begin to return the Gresham Road/Parker’s Piece crossing to its previous layout. We are still trying to get the right turn out of Gresham Road and the left turn from Parker’s Piece allowed.

National Cycle Network path near Ely

On 22 June, a goods train derailed on the bridge over the River Ouse near Ely on the Ely-Soham- Newmarket line. At first it was feared that this would close the NCN route for the whole of the summer. However, we have received a message from Sustrans that they are hopeful that the path can be re-opened quite soon, once the trucks and the damaged railway bridge have been removed. If you are planning a ride that way, contact the Campaign and we will let you know if we have any news.

Windsor Road

The traffic calming here is now in place. Our members have warned us that cycling along this road should be done with care as you are likely to come into conflict with oncoming vehicles (see the article elsewhere in this Newsletter)

Grand Arcade cycle park

We have heard that this new cycle park will open at the end of September, the same time as the Annexe car park, the Corn Exchange Street contraflow cycle lane (which was agreed after much hard work by the Campaign) and the high level walkway. The planning condition for the Grand Arcade specified that the cycle park was to be opened no later than the car park. There thus appears to have been a breach of planning conditions, as some of the car parking is already in use.