Campaign open meetings

This article was published in 2007, in Newsletter 73.

We’re continuing our regular cycle of speakers and other special events at monthly meetings, generally with a speaker or presentation for the first half, then Campaign items for discussion and decisions afterwards.

Councillors and other decision-makers, and of course Cambridge Cycling Campaign members and non-members who are interested, are most welcome to attend the presentation section of the meeting. Open meetings are held every month. The diary section of this Newsletter and our website have the dates of forthcoming meetings, which are normally on the first Tuesday of each month at 7.30 pm for 8 pm at the Friends’ Meeting House, Jesus Lane. Tea and coffee are served from around 7.30 pm.

Reports of recent meetings

At our June meeting, Terence Bendixson, President of Living Streets (formerly the Pedestrians’ Assocation), gave a thought-provoking talk on issues relating to the possibility of a Congestion Charge, warning that such a Charge could have unintended consequences for the suburbs and the future patterns of housing provision, and which could be counter-productive. We thank Terence for his time to visit us and prepare his talk.

In July, our own Membership Secretary, Dave Earl, gave a talk and demonstration on his work with, an organisation which aims to survey and produce a map which anyone, ourselves included, may use and publish without charge. The talk generated a lot of interest and questions to Dave.

Cycle video activism and Congestion charge discussion – Tuesday 7 August 2007

Some of our members have recently taken to installing handlebar-mounted video cameras on their bikes, in order to demonstrate dramatically the problems of poor driving standards, as well as thoughtless provision, which cyclists encounter daily on the roads.

A recent Newsletter mentioned how one video, which shows a bus overtaking – then pulling in front of – the cyclist, resulted in regional media coverage.

On another front, our campaigning on the newly dangerous state of King’s Hedges Road, as a result of buildouts which ignore key safety recommendations, was helped hugely by videos (available on our website) which show how some motorists try to overtake through gaps that are simply too narrow. The Council have since promised to widen the gaps to reduce the scale of the problem.

The cyclists will be speaking about their experiences and demonstrating the kit, and taking your questions and ideas.

The second half of the meeting will be an hour-long opportunity for discussion on the Demand Management proposals, including the congestion charge.

Designing for Cyclists – Tuesday 4 September 2007

Alasdair Massie is a member of the Campaign, the CTC’s North Hertfordshire rep, and a chartered engineer with much technical knowledge of cycle planning policy, guidance and issues. He has also been much involved in the work of the Crossings Subgroup and other subgroups. Alasdair will be giving a talk entitled ‘Designing For Cyclists’. This will cover the nitty-gritty of a range of design issues of the sort which we as a Campaign continually have to raise in our dealings with councillors and engineers at the councils.

Cycling 2020 launch to members – Tuesday 2 October 2007

Cycling 2020 is to be a visionary document for cycling in the city over the next 15 years.

Our Cycling 2020 document is nearing completion, and we expect to launch it around the start of October. Cycling 2020 is to be our visionary document for cycling in the city over the next 15 years. The brochure will contain a series of achievable but challenging plans for the delivery of an attractive cycling infrastructure, and act as a focus for campaigning. Come along and see our presentation of the document.

Annual General Meeting – Tuesday 6 November 2007

Advance notice of our AGM. Put the date in your diary now! More details next issue.