Subgroup activity

This article was published in 2007, in Newsletter 73.

An increasing amount of Cambridge Cycling Campaign’s strategic planning and business is conducted by subgroups. These work on a specific task or subject.

Here’s a quick run-down of recent activity, in the hope of encouraging members to join our subgroup e-mail lists. You can do so via our website at Subgroups sometimes also meet in person, and reports are usually given to monthly meetings.

Addenbrooke’s subgroup

This is a new group, which has been set up in response to requests from members working in the area. Initial discussion has been on the designs for the Addenbrooke’s Access Road.

Arbury Park subgroup

‘Highly successful media work by subgroup members earlier this year forced the County Council into a commitment to correct some of the very worst problems with the road…’

This subgroup has been continuing to raise the problems caused by the reworking of King’s Hedges Road. Highly effective media work by subgroup members earlier this year forced the County Council into a commitment to correct some of the very worst problems with the road, especially dealing with the pinch points whose design problems raised in a key Safety Audit were ignored. As we reported in Newsletter 70, action on these is forthcoming, and the subgroup has been trying to push things forward.

Core Scheme subgroup

This subgroup was set up to consider each stage of the County Council’s ‘Core Scheme’ proposals. This is the scheme which has seen considerable reductions in through traffic in the city centre, resulting in a more civilised, cycle-friendly atmosphere around the city centre. Earlier stages of the Core Scheme have seen the bollard-enforced closures in Bridge Street, Emmanuel Street and Silver Street.

There has been much discussion on the Stage 5 proposals, namely changes on Maid’s Causeway, where a zebra crossing and a lorry ban are to be introduced. These fairly small changes seem to be positive for cyclists.

The new bollards in St Andrew’s Street, part of the Core Scheme Stage 4 proposals, are likely to be the next subject for discussion in this subgroup when they come into operation later in 2007.

Crossings subgroup

This busy subgroup has been instrumental in forcing the County Council’s u-turn on the Gonville Place crossing, which was the subject of our 500+ signature petition. On behalf of the Campaign, it recently objected to the totally unnecessary reinstatement of the turning ban – a matter which surely destroys any claim by the county council of progressive pedestrian- and cycle-friendly policies – while still welcoming the overall replacement of the new crossing back to its original design.

The Signals Team at the County Council seem to have been busy recently, resulting in a lot of discussion amongst the subgroup on all the proposals coming forward. A proposal to add pedestrian fences at the Jesus Lock crossing was objected to by the Campaign and has been defeated (the County Council have now withdrawn this plan). A new crossing on the other end of Chesterton Road was accompanied by proposals for 1.2 m cycle lanes on a road 11 m wide, resulting in a clear objection.

Cycle Parking subgroup

The Cycle Parking subgroup is our longest-running Subgroup, and has kept an undercurrent of discussion or comment on cycle parking issues. The Lion Yard development, Parking Policy Review, the lack of cycle parking in areas like Romsey/Petersfield, the Grand Arcade cycle park, removal of cycle parking at Bradwell’s Court and the removal of cycle parking in Fisher Square have been recent topics.

Guided Bus subgroup

The junctions and lighting issues have been amongst the relatively light levels of discussion on this group.

Highway Code subgroup

Members of the Highway Code subgroup have been responsible for the Campaign’s activity in recent months on this issue, reported elsewhere in this Newsletter. The range of knowledge of legal and other issues, as well as political contacts, have proven very useful.

Milton Road subgroup

Occasional discussion has focussed on a few sets of relatively small proposed changes in this area of the city.

Newsletter subgroup

The Newsletter subgroup is a functional subgroup which is responsible for assembling this Newsletter every other month! Help is always needed – writing articles, proofreading, taking photos, stuffing envelopes, delivering, website conversion. Please get in touch if you can help or would like more information.

Park & Ride subgroup

This subgroup assembled the Campaign’s objection to the new Milton Park and Ride site (which will replace the one at Cowley Road) and pushed for improvements to be made during the design process.

Station subgroup

The Subgroup has been continuing to monitor the ‘CB1’ proposal by Ashwell Property Group PLC in this area. Revised plans are now resurfacing, and much liaison work will need to be done to see how cycle-friendly these are.