City centre cycling

This article was published in 2007, in Newsletter 72.

In Newsletter 70 we reported on Cambridge MP David Howarth’s view that that the former city centre cycling ban should be lifted permanently, as has now happened.

We have since heard from Daniel Zeichner, Cambridge Labour Party’s new prospective parliamentary candidate, whose view we sought. In a letter to us on 1 March, he wrote:

‘The survey on city-centre cycling demonstrated public support and I think it is reasonable that the council responds to that. Personally, I still worry about mixing cyclists and pedestrians, but providing people are aware that this is happening, I hope that accidents can be kept to a minimum.’

We are pleased to welcome his apparent support. Reported accidents in the city centre were pretty much non-existent during the 18-month experiment, which bodes well for the future, and allowing cycling in the area has made a big difference to the very many responsible cyclists for whom the area was previously difficult to navigate around.

Mr Zeichner mentions support for other cycling aspects and has offered to meet with us to discuss cycling matters, as has David Howarth separately. We intend to take up both opportunities.

Martin Lucas-Smith