Your streets this month

This article was published in 2007, in Newsletter 72.

Milton Road and Chesterton Road shared-use pavements

Pavement on the north side of Chesterton Road to be made shared use.
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A Road Traffic Order has been made be to convert to dual use stretches of pavement along the south eastern side of Milton Road and the north side of Chesterton Road so as to join the toucan crossing near Ascham Road, via Chesterton Hall Crescent, to the pelican crossing near George Street.

A second order has been made to convert the George Street pelican crossing into a toucan crossing with puffin crossing style signal display. This will make a continuous cycle route from North Chesterton and Arbury to the Fort St George bridge and the City Centre.

Brooklands Avenue dropped kerbs

New dropped kerb on Brooklands Avenue in a less-than-useful place.
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There are now two dropped kerbs at the Hills Road end of Brooklands Avenue. One leads left straight into the Hills Road on-road cycle lane and is therefore very useful. The other turns right into the forward stop box at the top of Brooklands Avenue. This is not so useful as it means that cyclists have to wait for an opportunity turn into the box while the traffic is stopped at the red light. As left-turning traffic has a green filter, much care is needed. Also it is very difficult to leave the pavement and turn to face the right way within the confines of the box. We had an on-site meeting with a local councillor and came to the conclusion that there should be a new way off the pavement where the Brooklands Avenue traffic lanes divide. Some on-road indication will be needed to warn traffic of the presence of bicycles. Bizarrely, the blue notice marking the end of the shared use is still in place opposite Clarendon Road, which creates unnecessary confusion. A Traffic Regulation Order extending the shared use up to Hills Road is advertised on a post at the site. Objections to the TRO had to be submitted by 23 May 2006. The budget may be tight, but surely it cannot be too much of a problem to move a notice!

Proposed Milton Park and Ride

Proposals for a new Park & Ride site ‘appear to ignore most of the excellent points made in the County Council Cycle Audit.’ The existing bridge is not suitable for cycling.
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The Campaign has written a strong letter of complaint about the facilities proposed for cyclists at the new Milton Park and Ride site which is proposed for the area west of the A10 Ely road and south of Butt Lane, particularly about the problems of access for cyclists and the fact that ‘the design appears to ignore most of the excellent points made in the County Council Cycle Audit.’ The lack of a bridge suitable for cycling across the A10 to join the cycle route into the city using the Jane Coston bridge is a particularly bad omission. The present A10 bridge is highly unsatisfactory.

Gonville Place

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The Cambridge Area Joint Committee voted on 23 April to turn this crossing back into a segregated crossing and to restore the detector loops. Over recent months, members of the Campaign and others had spent much time and effort complaining about the narrowing of the crossing and other changes which had made it much worse for both pedestrians and cyclists. We welcome the decision to correct the worst defects.

However, County Council officials insist that left and right turns by cyclists across the pedestrian part of the crossing must again be prohibited. The Campaign remains strongly opposed to such prohibitions. (see page 3).

Riverside closure to motor traffic

Riverside will be closed to through motor traffic for six months to build the new cycle and pedestrian bridge.
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As reported in our last Newsletter, Riverside will be closed to through motor traffic for the next six months in order to facilitate the building of the new bridge across the river to Chesterton. (see also Newsletter 53, April-May 2004). The Cambridge Traffic Management Area Joint Committee will decide, in January 2008, whether the closure should become permanent or whether an alternative traffic management arrangement needs to be put in place.

Long Road

Long Road is expected to close for five weeks this summer, during the school holidays, to enable a large box that will carry the new cycleway adjacent to the Guided Busway to be slid into place. It is hoped that a temporary bridge will allow passage for pedestrians and cyclists. It is thought that the alternative of closing each half of the road separately, a 26 week project, would cause even more congestion.

Summer resurfacing

The following three locations are to receive extensive resurfacing over the summer:

  • Fen Causeway/Royal Cambridge Hotel Roundabouts (the ‘double mini’)
  • Bridge Street – Jesus Lane to Round Church Street
  • Histon Road – Akeman Street to Linden Close