Addenbrooke’s Access Road

This article was published in 2007, in Newsletter 71.

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In Newsletter 65 we reported on plans for the Addenbrooke’s Access Road. These were passed late in 2006 and a number of objections we made were overruled. We are still concerned that the road creates an impermeable barrier between the new housing and informal recreation areas to the south for ‘vulnerable’ modes, although the road itself will have both on road lanes, and a ‘shared use’ path on the north side. We will strongly press for a 30 mph limit over the whole length when relevant orders are published.

We’ve also had further informal meetings about junction design, specifically those with the Hauxton Road and Shelford Road. At Shelford Road we have strong reservations about the long left turn lane which will be provided for traffic that is expected to ‘rat run’ from the south to get to M11 junction 11 rather than use junction 10 (Duxford). Even if models show this traffic, we don’t think it should be catered for by making the Shelford Road junction a barrier for those cycling from the south. We have received assurance that no guard rails will be installed at this junction, and it is hoped that access for pedestrians and cyclists to local developments will enable some cyclists to avoid it. The junction with Hauxton Road is problematic because details of its layout may be affected by any junction into Trumpington Meadows. The routes cyclists take may be much altered by both the probable provision of a cycle route from Hauxton using the accommodation bridge over the M11 north of junction 11 and the cycle route beside the Guided Bus track.

Work on the first section from Hauxton Road to Shelford Road (and just beyond) is expected to start shortly using a government grant, but further sections including the bridge over the railway are due to be funded by developers when they are granted planning permission.

Jim Chisholm

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