Bits and Pieces

This article was published in 2007, in Newsletter 71.

How to Save Yourself $1m (over 30 years)

It was while working as a reporter at a US TV station that Chris Balish started thinking about how he might live without a car. Chris calculated that if he avoided car expenses for 30 years, he would pocket more than $1 million in savings. Now living in Los Angeles, and having ridden a bicycle for the last three years, Chris says going without four wheels is not that difficult. (From Cycle Reading No.94 Autumn 2006)

NICE recommends cycling

New guidance on tackling obesity from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence has called for local authorities, healthcare professionals, schools and employers to do more to promote cycling. The guidance was published two days before a conference, called by Health Minister Caroline Flint, to discuss a ‘Healthy Living’ strategy to tackle childhood obesity.