Your streets this month

This article was published in 2007, in Newsletter 70.

Wheeler Street and Corn Exchange Street

Traffic calming due soon in Corn Exchange Street, but contraflow not until later in 2007
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Cambridgeshire County Council tells us that it is working with the Grand Arcade to arrange for the traffic calming works to be installed in Wheeler Street and Corn Exchange Street in February or March. The 20 mph limit in this area will also be introduced at the same time. However, they say: ‘we will not be introducing the contraflow cycle lane in March because the warning signs and the final layout around the car park exit will not be provided until later on in 2007.’

Coleridge Road

Traffic lights with pavement barriers being installed at the Coleridge Road, Davy Road and Radegund Road junction
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A new set of traffic lights is starting to be installed at the junction of Coleridge Road with Davy Road and Radegund Road. This should ease the crossing of this junction for cyclists going to or from the bridge across the railway. However there are design details to which we are objecting, the worst being the installation of pedestrian barriers at the corners. Barriers constitute a potential danger for cyclists (blocking their escape route), do not increase safety for pedestrians and are against government guidance. We have been told that – and the plans show – there will be detector loops to trigger the lights at the approach of cyclists.

Kingston Street, Willis Road and Mackenzie Road

There are plans to allow two-way cycling in all three of these one-way streets. We have welcomed this move, but our welcome has been qualified by criticism of the over-elaborate detailed plans at the cycle entrances. The plans show a cycle by-pass separated from the road by a wide pedestrian refuge which will be set back into the street. This unnecessary refuge will not only take pedestrians away from their desire line, but will mean that the cycle lane is narrower than it should be. A small island and bollard as at St Barnabas Road would be much more suitable.

City Centre

A decision on the city centre cycling ban will have been made by the AJC on Monday 22 January
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Whether or not to make the lifting the of the City Centre cycling ban permanent should have been decided at the Cambridge Traffic Management Area Joint Committee on Monday 22 January. We think that the trial period has been a great success and that the AJC should follow government policy and allow cyclists and pedestrians to mix as they do now. See New guidance from Cycling England in this newsletter.