Leisurely rides 2007

This article was published in 2007, in Newsletter 70.

Following feedback from riders and the members’ email list, the leisurely rides will change format and become more varied. The theme of exploring the transport infrastructure and visiting areas where development will affect cycle routes will continue.

The programme of rides has not been decided yet, but they will no longer happen on the same day, or same time of every month. There will be no leisurely rides in February or April this year. In March we shall be riding to Shelford. See below for the Cambridge 2050 ride in May. In June I’d like to ride to find some elder flowers and make some ‘champagne’ or elderflower cordial. If you know of some good elder trees away from roadsides please come on the ride and lead us there. We don’t need many flower heads. In July we’ll probably do a tour of the Cambridge Open Studios again. For that I’m looking for an artist to come on the ride to help choose the studios to visit and to help the group interpret the art. Later in the year I’d like to organise a trip to the Greenwich Car Free day – to see how London boroughs celebrate that event by closing roads and having a big party.

These are your rides. I try to respond to your feedback, so if you want a ride to go somewhere let me know and we’ll look at it. We are grateful to Sustrans for kindly providing organisers’ liability insurance for these events.

Cambridge 2050

If the weather is on our side, I expect this will be our biggest ride of the year. The ride starts in Cambridge and finishes in Cambridge. The options are a 20 mile round trip to the village of Reach, or a 50 mile round trip to Ely. Both rides will go at a leisurely pace and follow National Cycle Network route 11.

The ride takes place on the first Monday in May, on the day of the historic country fair in Reach. We’ll arrive in time to witness the opening of the fair by the Mayor of Cambridge at noon. This tradition goes back 806 years, and is accompanied by the throwing of pennies for the poor villagers.

Reach Fair, one of the destinations for the May Day Bank Holiday Monday ride.
Image as described adjacent

We’ll stop in Reach for about an hour to enjoy a drink and a snack. The ride will then separate with one group going on to Ely. The other group will stay a bit longer at the fair before riding home.

In Ely we’ll stop to eat in a local hostelry before coming back. The fair will still be happening when we reach Reach, and some of us may want to stop for further refreshment, before continuing home.

Come prepared for stunning views of open country, wild horses and changeable weather. Bring water. To make the ride run as smoothly as possible I shall be looking for volunteer marshals. The pace will be leisurely – the riding time to Ely is expected to be four hours each way.

Gather at Reality Checkpoint, in the centre of Parker’s Piece, Cambridge from 9:30am on Monday 7 May for 10 am prompt departure. We’ll pass through Stourbridge Common at 10.15 and Newmarket Road Park and Ride at 10.30 if you want to join us there. Those going to Ely have the option of a return by train to Cambridge, subject to limited availability of spaces for bikes. Bring lights if you’re expecting to do the 50.

Simon Nuttall