Media Watch

This article was published in 1996, in Newsletter 7.

CCC had good press coverage during National Bike Week. We made the front page on 3 June with our cycle vs. car journey-time signs, though an Editorial on the same day asked planners and councillors to continue to help people who “cannot cycle” or who “prefer to stay in their cars”. The following day there was a full page advertising feature, which an Events List and adverts from the Cycle Friendly Employers Scheme and bike shops. On 6 June, the Cyclists Breakfast got a photo, and the weeklies covered NBW too. We had television coverage on Look East too. The CTC’s events, including a ceilidh, were also covered. Since then our support for the National Cycling Strategy launch was reported on 11 July.

News reports have included the establishment of the Cycling Consultation Group (25 May), a cycle safety exhibition in Saffron Walden (5 June), cycling proficiency training in Barton (5 June), requests for sites for new bike racks (6 June), the new cycleway between Bar Hill and Dry Drayton (13 June), the event for 600 school children at Ciba Agriculture learning about science using the bicycle (1 July), Coun. Coston’s plans for the A14 cycle bridge being taken to the Department of Transport (2 July), and plans for the same bridge being included in the Chesterton Sidings shopping development (12 July). On 12 July there was also reports of police planning to use detention and court appearances instead of fixed penalty fines for foreign students cycling in pedestrianised zones, as they apparently often ignore the penalty tickets.

Only one Accident was reported since the last newsletter, an injury to an 8-year old by a Land Rover in Wilburton on 22 June. However on 10 July there was a report saying that “County Council” figures show that there were 172 injuries to cyclists between January and April (a drop of 20% compared to last year). Three of these were fatal, 27 serious and 142 slight injuries. Very few of these ever get in the Cambridge Evening News so I’ll try and find out their source of these figures.

Letters to CEN have included ongoing correspondence about the proposed St.Ives railway line, the use and misuse of cycle helmets, the Chesterton Road crossing, and the complete ban of cyclists in Trinity Street.

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