Butt Lane

This article was published in 1996, in Newsletter 7.

Another of this year’s proposals is to join Milton and Impington, particularly to serve Impington Village College. There is presently a narrow and fairly steep footbridge across the A10 just off the line of Butt Lane; but there is also a recycling centre and rubbish tip which attracts a lot of very heavy traffic, and in Impington itself a narrow winding road around the Church especially.

Our view here was that apart from some minor changes on and around the bridge, and at and up to the recycling site entrance, traffic calming is the most appropriate measure: outside Impington, in the form of single vehicle wide pinch points at intervals (with cycle gaps at either side), and in the village speed cushions (humps which do not span the full width of the road). This means that cyclists still use the road as normal, which it is pretty much impossible to avoid in Impington village even if we wanted to, and outside would mean a lot of construction.

Dave Earl