Coun Evelyn Knowles: An Apology

This article was published in 1996, in Newsletter 7.

Referring to a story in the Cambridge Evening News, the article in the May Newsletter erroneously described City Councillor Evelyn Knowles as the ‘apparent instigator’ of the Jesus Lock crossing project.

Coun Knowles wishes to make it clear that, far from being responsible for it, she has been loudly complaining about it to the County Transport Dept, as have her colleagues Ian Nimmo-Smith and Chris Bradford. She had no prior knowledge of the work, nor does she sit on any committee responsible for it, and neither does the site lie within her constituency – it falls in fact in Castle ward, at the conjunction of Castle, W Chesterton and Market.

W Chesterton residents tell us that Evelyn Knowles is vocal in her support of cyclists’ safety interests. We apologise for any criticism derived from an uninformed article in the local press.