Oh! Deer!

This article was published in 2006, in Newsletter 69.

There is now a single reporting number for Cambridgeshire County Council (0845 045 5212) as we said in Newsletter 65 Unfortunately it can still take several phone calls even to find someone who will accept a message.

Early on an October morning, a very dead Muntjac Deer (hence headline) was obstructing the cycle lane on Shelford Road near the Trumpington traffic lights. It was an unfortunate location as queuing traffic meant it was difficult for cyclists to pass, and it was a very unpleasant sight.

I rang the 0845 number, and was told ‘no we don’t deal with that’ and was put through to another number. This turned out to be South Cambridgeshire District Council, but of course Trumpington is in the City of Cambridge. I rang the city council but the switchboard isn’t open until 09:00.

I eventually trawled through the council website and found a number and a helpful man at the end.

That evening the obstruction had gone. Many thanks to the City Council staff who so promptly did this unpleasant job.

Jim Chisholm