List of lists

This article was published in 2006, in Newsletter 67.

The Campaign now has several e-mail lists covering a variety of areas, open to all members.

To join any e-mail list, just go to our lists page subscription form. Lists are open to members only. You can choose to receive messages one-by-one, in a daily digest, or just read them online if you prefer.

Campaign meetings in person do, of course, continue. Our monthly meetings take place on the first Tuesday of each month at the Friends’ Meeting House on Jesus Lane, and subgroup meetings take place in people’s houses from time to time, as shown in our diary pages.

General lists:
Members discussion list covering all manner of cycling-related topics
Meeting papers Sign up to receive copies of the agendas and minutes for monthly meetings
Arbury Park development Discussion of what action to take on transport infrastructure around this new development, and monitoring changes here
Core Scheme subgroup Responding to the County Council’s staged proposals to remove through traffic from Cambridge city centre
Cycle parking subgroup Working to improve the amount and quality of cycle parking across the city, both for private developments and on-street
Membership drive subgroup This will consider and then take action on increasing the number of members of the Campaign, our next target being 1,000 members (750 at present)
Rebranding subgroup This will be considering ideas for potential re-branding of the Campaign
Station subgroup Monitoring and considering proposals for redevelopment of this important transport hub
Functional lists:
Letter-writing group a (currently experimental) letter-writing group to help increase our media coverage – please join if you could draft a letter for the Campaign every so often
Newsletter team the team which creates this very publication: more help always needed!
Website development team working on a variety of website projects

Martin Lucas-Smith, Co-ordinator