Committee changes

This article was published in 2006, in Newsletter 67.

Richard Taylor – thanks for the years of hard work!
Photo: Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor has left the Campaign Committee to move to Wales for work on renewable energy projects. We thank him for his many years of hard work in a variety of campaigning areas.

Richard has drafted a Position Paper on Cycle-Friendly Traffic Calming, representing an extremely helpful start (actually, a ‘not far from finish’) on this important paper. It will come in useful for our campaigning by helping us to avoid having to repeat the same points when responding to consultations on ill-considered schemes, and make a clear case – backed up by good illustrations – for what ought by now to be standard practice.

We wish Richard best wishes for his new life in Wales!

Two Committee vacancies – to be filled at the September monthly meeting

Richard’s departure leaves a second ‘Open portfolio’ position free on the Committee. At the September monthly meeting, we will start with a short EGM to elect people for these two positions, if anyone comes forward. Those elected will remain on the Committee until our Annual General Meeting in November.

So if you have keenness for campaigning, new ideas, or specific campaigning skills, and can help run the Campaign – however much time you may have – please come and offer your services! Contact me via our usual contact details if you’d like more information.

The current Committee are listed in this newsletter and also pictorially on the Campaign’s website at this website.

The question of congestion charging in Cambridge will be our main topic for discussion at the August monthly meeting.

Martin Lucas-Smith, Co-ordinator