NCN 11 Shelford to Addenbrooke’s

This article was published in 2006, in Newsletter 67.

Where the new route leaves Robinson Way on the Addenbrooke’s site a ‘drop’ rather than a ‘flush’ kerb has been installed. We’ve been told this will be corrected.
Photo: This non-flush kerb will be corrected
Not all the bridges on the new section of NCN route 11 are finished yet.

Photo: Not all the bridges are finished
Patrick Joyce, the County Cycling Officer, and Nigel Brigham, Sustrans Eastern Region Manager, discuss some fine point of detail with the contractor at the location of the timber bridge which will cross Hobson’s Brook.
Photo: Discussing some fine point of detail with the contractor
A planning application has been submitted for a sequence of a human gene to be marked on the NCN route 11 path along with four metre ‘double helix’ towers and interpretation boards. This work is part of the Sustrans ‘Public Art’ project and will be funded by the Wellcome Trust. The path has a nominal width of 2.0 m, but if weeds are not cleared until they grow over these edge markings, not themselves part of the genome sequence art, the effective width may be less than 1.5 m in some places.
Photo: Public art proposed in the form of genome structures