Bike stands and cattle grids

This article was published in 2006, in Newsletter 67.

New cycle racks at Byron’s Pool.
Photo: New cycle racks at Byron's Pool

David Bradford, Cycling and Walking Promotion and Development Officer at Cambridge City Council, has asked us to announce that the Council have installed three new cycle racks at Byron’s Pool Local Nature Reserve with the help of the Greenways volunteers. A ride to Grantchester along the meadows, cream tea in the village and a stroll to Byron’s Pool would give any cyclist a very pleasant afternoon.

Here is the long list of sites where the new grids have been installed:

  • Granta Place
  • Fen Causeway north near the Leys School
  • Fen Causeway west near the Leys School
  • Trumpington Road opposite Brooklands Avenue
  • Grantchester Meadows (Newnham)
  • Lammas Land at Fen Causeway
  • Cromwell Road at Coldham’s Common
  • two on Coldham’s Common near the rail underpass
  • Coldham’s Common at Newmarket Road
  • Oyster Row
  • two on Stourbridge Common between Green Dragon Bridge and the railway line
  • two on Stourbridge Common at the railway line
  • four on Stourbridge Common near Wadloes Road
  • Riverside at Stourbridge Common
  • Green Dragon Bridge
  • Walnut Tree Avenue
  • Cutter Ferry Bridge east, and
  • seven on Midsummer Common – at Auckland Road, Parsonage Street, Fair Street, The Four Lamps, Victoria Avenue (two) and Victoria Avenue bridge

David Bradford also draws our attention to the upgraded cattle grids within the Cambridge City boundary. The bars on the cattle grids have been replaced with threaded bars to give cycles more grip whilst crossing the cattle grid and therefore helping to reduce the chances of cyclists slipping on the grid. I have certainly felt a lot more confident when crossing these threaded bars.

Lisa Woodburn