Your Streets this Month

This article was published in 2006, in Newsletter 65.

Some local residents and businesses objected to the proposal to close Riverside to through traffic alongside the ramp to the new bridge.
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In January the AJC considered the feedback from the consultation on the proposal to close Riverside to through motor traffic. Some local residents and businesses objected to the proposals on the grounds that the closure would limit access to and from Newmarket Road and would exacerbate the pressure on the already busy junction at Stanley Road. Other people supported the closure on safety and environmental improvement grounds. The AJC noted that a temporary closure of Riverside will be necessary during the year-long construction of the new bridge over the Cam and supported using this temporary closure to monitor the impact on traffic in the area. A further consultation would take place six months into the construction period, which is due to start in the next few months, before deciding whether or not to make the closure permanent.

Rustat Road

Clifton road to Rustat Road: despite the direction sign, the path is still not signed as shared use for pedestrians and cyclists
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The County Council announced plans for some double-yellow-line waiting restrictions in Rustat Road. These are mainly at junctions, but include a length of the mandatory cycle lane between Davy Road and the cycle bridge. Since then we have had an on-site meeting with the relevant council officer, two local councillors and a representative from the local residents’ association. We pointed out that what was needed was the repainting of the white line (and cycle logos) along the mandatory cycle lane which should also be reinstated where it had been obliterated when the Davy Road mini-roundabout was put in. We also requested that the cycle lane be taken back to the cut-through to Clifton Road, which should have been installed as part of the Section 106 agreement for the Rustat Road developments.

While looking at Rustat Road, we pointed out that the vegetation along the cut-through to Clifton Road was overgrown and that the path was still not signed as shared use for pedestrians and cyclists. It turned out that, years after its construction, it still has not been adopted by the County Council, despite more than one request from us. We are told that this will now be attended to. But why is it that this sort of task slips through the net so often?

Hills Road (and bridge), Brooklands Avenue, Station Road, Cherry Hinton Road

It won’t happen this month, but all these roads are likely to be very much affected in the near future by the massive developments which are taking place or are planned for the area. See, for example, the article on the Station Area development. Other imminent developments include: Accordia in Brooklands Avenue, the University Press site, the Betjeman House site (by the War Memorial), the Triangle site (between Hills Road and Station Road), the Marshalls/Tim Brinton/Shell site (at the corner of Hills Road and Cherry Hinton Road), the Belvedere (at the foot of Hills Road Bridge), Rustat Road and Purbeck Road – to say nothing of the doubling in size of Addenbrooke’s Hospital over the next ten years!

There is a proposal to angle these cycle racks to make more room for buses in Hobson Street.
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Hobson Street

The County Council are anxious to create more space in Hobson Street for buses and to reduce conflict with cyclists. We met a council officer for an on-site visit and discussed various options for improvements. See the separate Hobson Street article..

Emmanuel Street

Emmanuel Street
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A leaflet and questionnaire on the streetscape proposals for Emmanuel Street and Drummer Street were circulated in February, with a closing date for comments of 24 March. The changes involve making Emmanuel Street one way towards St Andrew’s Street, with five bus stops on the south-east side and three bus stops on the south side of Drummer Street. There will be a taxi rank on the north side of Drummer Street where the long-distance coaches now stop. Taxis will approach the rank from Emmanuel Road or Parker Street and will U-turn by the bus station to enter the rank. There will be a 1.5 m wide cycle-contraflow lane along Emmanuel Street. This should make a much clearer and safer path for cyclists in Emmanuel Street but some good arrangements will have be made to avoid conflict at the entrance to the bus station and the taxi rank.

Addenbrooke’s Relief Road

Plans for the Addenbrooke’s Relief Road, to run from Hauxton Road just south of the Trumpington Park and Ride to Addenbrooke’s, have been announced. The 2.5km road will skirt the planned Glebe Farm development, cross Shelford Road (with the demolition of several houses), then skirt the planned showground area development before crossing farmland to the new Addenbrooke’s development site. There will be a new bridge across the railway lines. The proposals are for a 40 mph 10.3 m wide road to include a 1.5 m wide cycle lane on both sides. There will also be a 3.5 m wide segregated pedestrian/cycle track on the north side. See the separate Addenbrook’s article.

Making Panton Street two-way for cycles is likely to be controversial even though (or because) there are two lanes for traffic at present.
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Contraflow cycling in one-way streets

Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) have been advertised to allow contraflow cycling in Brookside, Panton Street, Willis Road, Mackenzie Road, Covent Garden, Mawson Road (as far as Mill Street) and Kingston Street. These contraflows would provide very valuable access to and from schools and colleges which would make it possible to avoid areas of traffic congestion and would shorten cycle journeys. However, it seems likely that some will be objected to in which case decisions will have to be made at the Cambridge Traffic Management Area Joint Committee (AJC). By the time you receive your newsletter the date for objecting to the TROs will have passed but it would still be worth writing to your local county and city councillors asking them to support the proposals.