Cycling on the cheap (part 5)

This article was published in 2006, in Newsletter 64.

The Underpass
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Underneath Northfield Avenue in Kings Hedges, there is an underpass for use by cyclists and pedestrians. This is used by many children travelling to the adjacent primary school, and also by many adults who shop at the Daily Bread or the Tesco on Campkin Road.

Unfortunately, this underpass is marred by very unpleasant barriers which force cyclists to come to a dead stop after going downhill to the underpass and before setting off up the other side. The gradients either side of the underpass are very steep by Cambridge standards.

More Barriers to Cycling
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The barriers have caused many crashes for children who have not used their brakes in time, and they make the underpass unusable for cyclists with a load of shopping due to the difficulty of lugging your bike around the barriers and the problem of then having to start from stationary to get up the other side. At the top of the hill, cyclists are required to stop and dismount a third time.

This facility would be far more useful if the barriers to its use were removed.

David Hembrow