Cycling facilities on the cheap, number 4

This article was published in 2005, in Newsletter 63.

Problem barriers
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This short cut runs between Borrowdale and Histon Road. It is very useful as it allows cyclists from the Arbury area to avoid much of Histon Road. It is especially used by children who attend Mayfield Primary School.

Unfortunately, it has a very difficult to navigate set of barriers and it doesn’t connect well with anything at the Histon Road side.

Flush kerb needed
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A flush kerb is needed north of the short cut itself in order that cyclists travelling south can conveniently leave Histon Road to use the short cut. Some cyclists at present use it from a northbound direction on Histon Road, but they also have no way of safely climbing the kerb in the face of oncoming traffic. A flush kerb is needed for them too. Cyclists in both directions should be able to get to and from this facility without riding down a kerb or stopping to lift their bikes up it.

The main usage of the path is, however, children attending Mayfield Primary, who use the pavement on Histon Road as far as the pelican crossing just short of the junction with Gilbert Road. This section of the pavement is reasonably wide and should be declared shared use in both directions to legalise this usage. At the same time, the crossing itself needs to be upgraded into a Toucan and the timing of the crossing should be adjusted to make walking and cycling a more attractive option. At present, this crossing can make pedestrians wait for over a minute after pushing the button until they get a green light.

David Hembrow