New cycle routes for Cambridge

This article was published in 2005, in Newsletter 62.

Last autumn, Cambridge City Council adopted a policy for new cycle routes within the City of Cambridge and this policy now forms part of the Local Plan.

The objectives of the guidelines are to expand and enhance the current city cycle network by:

  • identifying and safeguarding strategic cycle routes through the city urban expansions, as defined in the re-deposited Local Plan, and ensuring their delivery by developers;
  • identifying potential new cycle links, to and from these areas of urban expansion, to be funded through planning obligations.
This track alongside the railway near Mill Road is identified in the Local Plan as part of the longer Chisholm Trail route.
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Although we were involved in discussions about these routes earlier last year, we did not report the City Council’s decision to approve these proposals. We now remedy this by giving some headline items and the link to the City Council web page containing the full details.

Some headlines are:

  1. Much of our proposed route along the rail corridor
  2. A western cycle bypass:
    1. Histon Road, to Huntingdon Road
    2. Huntingdon Road to Madingley Road
    3. Madingley Road to Barton Road
  3. A link from Hauxton to Trumpington using the accommodation bridge over the M11 north of Junction 11, hence allowing cyclists to avoid that junction.
  4. A new bridge over the River Cam to link the proposed Chesterton railway station to the Barnwell area
Both the Local Plan and the County’s Local Transport Plan now recognise the need for a bridge for cyclists to cross the A14 avoiding the Histon interchange.
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Look at the detail and see what is proposed in your area. See:

Jim Chisholm