How do I get to the station?

This article was published in 2005, in Newsletter 61.

Two ways to and from the railway station used by cyclists are being closed temporarily.

Station bike bridge

Carter Bridge: closed for all of August
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The Carter Bridge across the station between Rustat Road and Devonshire Road will be closed for all of August. This is so that the plastic panels and the flooring can be replaced – both desperately needed.

We were originally asked whether we preferred a full time closure for ‘a week or so’ or evening/night-time closure over a longer period. We said we’d prefer to get the pain over with: an evening closure over an extended period would hit regular users at those times very hard. But the full time closure has now turned into a whole month. We also said lots of advance notice is needed on the ground, and from a long way away, because that’s where you need to make the decisions. Signs started to appear in the middle of July.

Mill Road Bridge: the official diversion, and the reason for building the bike bridge in the first place
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The official diversion will be over Mill Road bridge (we have asked for various temporary changes to make this better – the full correspondence is on our web site). However, which way you actually go will be determined by start and end points. If you are in Cherry Hinton or northern Romsey, Coldham’s Lane bridge and then via the Beehive Centre or New Street may be a good alternative. If your route takes you further north in Cambridge (or vice-versa), Coldham’s Common, Newmarket Road bridge, Riverside and the commons might work for you. These are the only two routes that have crossings of the railway segregated from motor traffic. From the east and south, Hills Road bridge will probably be quicker.

Triangle short cut

The triangle site is securely fenced off now and workers were turning away cyclists when it first closed in early July
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Work has started on building new homes on the ‘triangle’ site near Cambridge rail station. As a result the short cut between Hills Road and Station Road has been closed and fenced off. We are told that work will last for eighteen months, after which there will be a new access through the site.

In the longer term the whole station site will be redeveloped and as part of that it is likely that a new link for buses and cycles only will be formed between the foot of Hills Road bridge and the station. If the Guided Bus scheme gets the go ahead, there would also be a new link under Hills Road bridge from Long Road and Trumpington. However both of these are some years away.

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David Earl