Cycling facilities on the cheap, part 1

This article was published in 2005, in Newsletter 61.

A barrier on Newmarket Road near the Quy roundabout, designed to prevent motorists from driving into a ditch, presents a series of very dangerous sharp edges to the NCN51 cycle path behind it. Unlike drivers, cyclists are not protected from sharp edges by a cage of steel, and yet we find ourselves on the dangerous side of the barrier.

This problem has been apparent for some time now, and although a member of the Campaign specifically reported it to the Council nearly a month ago, no action has been taken.

Sharp edges on barriers at Quy
Image as described adjacent
Capped posts on similar barriers in Kingston, Surrey
Image as described adjacent

The second photo shows the solution used in Kingston. The posts themselves are still a danger, so a continuous barrier like the one on the motorist’s side would be an improvement over plastic caps. What a shame that our councils don’t think we’re even worth the cheap way of hiding these sharp edges.

David Hembrow