Lifting the cycling ban in the city centre

This article was published in 2005, in Newsletter 61.

Planning for the experimental lifting of the city centre cycling ban is moving ahead. The results of the recent public consultation are being assessed and the hope is that the road signs will be agreed and installed in time to permit the experiment to begin in September before the beginning of the new school and university academic year.

The experiment will last for a year. Whether it will be made permanent will depend on an assessment of its success. We are confident that it will be successful. Similar mixing of pedestrians and cyclists in city centres on the continent has not resulted in significant increases in injury collisions and UK government advice now supports such schemes.

We call on all cyclists to:

  • respect pedestrian priority in the city centre and to be willing to give way
  • observe the anti-clockwise one-way system around the Trinity Street, Market Hill, Sidney Street triangle
  • avoid cycling on city centre pavements (cycling is illegal on all pavements in the heart of the city except when cycling across the pavement to cycle along Senate House Passage).

More considerate, responsible and legal cycling is needed for the experiment to succeed in the congested streets in the historic centre. Of course as cyclists we hope for responsible pedestrians as well.

James Woodburn