Cycling shorts

This article was published in 2005, in Newsletter 60.

Weather permitting, each Friday lunchtime a small group of cyclists, often on recumbent or other unusual bikes, go for an hour’s ride at a brisk pace. Members are invited to join us at their own risk. If you want to come, just turn up at the Stourbridge Common side of Green Dragon Bridge at 12:30pm.

The epic struggle to secure a cycle contraflow in Corn Exchange Street continues. At the County Council’s Cabinet Meeting on 12 April, officers recommended that the contraflow be approved. Councillor Shona Johnstone, the member responsible for transport issues, spoke eloquently in support of approval but other Cabinet members were not convinced. They came to the conclusion that they would hold further discussions with officers and make a site visit before deciding. You can watch a webcast of the proceedings on

The Campaign is asking for more covered cycle parking at the Babraham Road Park and Ride site to provide for those who after parking prefer ride a bicycle rather than a bus.

For a number of years, Cambridge Cycling Campaign members have put a lot of effort into supporting National Bike Week in June. This year, with a National Cycling Event being held in Cambridge in September we’ve decided we cannot afford to dilute our resources by supporting both events. Reluctantly we will be taking only a minimal part in Bike Week and saving all our efforts for September.

George Street cycle contraflow This narrow one-way street with a cycle contraflow links Milton Road and Chesterton Road. Residents have submitted a petition to Cambridge City Council calling, among other things, for an end to contraflow cycling. We are very concerned about the negative attitude to cycling in a street used by very few motor vehicles and would appreciate comments and suggestions from those who use George Street as a cycle route.