Tesco path update

This article was published in 2005, in Newsletter 60.

Improvements between Riverside and Newmarket Road behind the Tesco store

Back in Newsletter 46 we commented on the awful ‘slalom course’ that was the new cycleway next to the Tesco store, joining Newmarket Road and Riverside. Since then, the section on the hill has been changed, removing the chicanes, swapping the two sides and providing an out-of-town exit at the bottom of the hill. The fence at the bottom of the slope on the left hand side will be replaced with low planting to increase visibility. In fact just about everything we asked for! ‘Rumble slabs’ have been installed to remind cyclists to control their speed and these seem OK to cycle over. Thanks to Clare Rankin (Cycling and Walking Officer at Cambridge City Council) for her work in chasing those involved.

Changes to this section have been easier to implement as the land is owned by the developers of the new housing on the site. Clare Rankin has written to the manager at Tesco to enquire about making similar changes to the part of the path on Tesco land, and is waiting for a reply. We have suggested double yellow lines should be painted on Riverside next to the junction, also to improve visibility.

Richard Taylor