Paramedics on bicycles

This article was published in 2005, in Newsletter 60.

A local St John Ambulance group is currently investigating the possibility of setting up a Cycle Response Team in Cambridge.

The St John’s Ambulance cycle
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The unit will consist of two specially designed bicycles with emergency first aid and life-saving equipment. These will enable the team to deliver a prompt and safe response to medical emergencies at the events they cover in the county. They may become a regular feature in and around the city, providing a service to the public at a wide variety of events including Pop in the Park, Duxford Aerodrome and rowing regattas, as well as supporting the medical team at the Cambridge Folk Festival.

‘This is not a new concept,’ said Wayne Badcock, the project coordinator. ‘Bicycle Response Units are used by the Ambulance Service in Norwich, London and at Heathrow Airport. The St John Ambulance runs several such units across the country, all of which have been a great success. Cambridge itself is an ideal location to benefit from Cycle Responders.’

St John’s Ambulance cycles ready for action
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The team would form part of the British Gas Eastern Division, one of four St John groups based in Cambridge. ‘We are finalising our business proposal in the next few weeks and are currently negotiating city centre storage for easy access. Once we get the final go ahead, we can start raising the money and training our crews to the required cycling standards. We hope it will also provide added interest to our existing members, as well as encouraging more people to get involved with our work’.

The project will cost £6,000 to set up, all of which must be raised by Wayne and his team.