Sustrans Routes Nearby

This article was published in 1996, in Newsletter 6.

Sustrans have been commissioned to do an investigation into possible routes in Cambridgeshire by Cambridgeshire County Council. These routes will be part of the National Cycle Network, but are not part of the Millennium Funded route to be completed by 2000. Sustrans routes are designed to be able to be cycled by a 12 year old on their own. The routes will be a mixture of quiet roads and offroad tracks. Where roads are used, the traffic must be less than 1000 motor vehicles per day.

A meeting was held a few weeks ago with Nigel Brigham of Sustrans East Anglia and some members of the Cambridge Cycling Campaign and the Cambridge CTC. The main routes discussed were:

  1. Cambridge to Milton Keynes – via Coton, Sandy and Bedford
  2. Cambridge to Felixstowe – via Newmarket, Bury St. Edmunds and Ipswich
  3. Cambridge to Peterborough – via Waterbeach, Stretham, Ely, March and Whittlesey.
  4. A route south from Cambridge via Saffron Walden to link up with the Lee Valley and London
  5. Cambridge to Huntingdon via St. Ives using the disused railway.

These routes are by no means finalised and Nigel Brigham is interested in ideas and local knowledge of possible routes. The main problem is finding routes across busy main roads and railway lines, though this may be a good opportunity to do something about it. If you have any ideas or can help with local knowledge, please come along to the next Sustrans meeting on Thursday 30th May 7:30pm at 8 Thirleby Close. It will also be helpful for people to cycle out and investigate what actually exists on the ground for possible routes.

Dave Jordan