Cycle Lockers Investigation

This article was published in 1996, in Newsletter 6.

We’ve been asked by Jo Martin at the County Council to canvass opinion on the demand for secure cycling parking lockers in Cambridge, specifically at two possible sites: Cambridge Train Station and the Milton Road Park-and-Ride.

The idea being considered is to rent out lockers to individuals, who would receive their own key, and therefore be assured of secure parking on arrival. The lockers are big enough to leave waterproofs, panniers, etc. inside, along with the bike. There would be some charge, and a key-deposit would be required, and so would be of most benefit to daily users. The proceeds would go back into the cycling budget.

What we’d like to know is:

  1. Would you be likely to want to rent such a locker at either:

    1. Cambridge Train Station
    2. Milton Road Park-and-Ride

    (Note that Jo and colleagues are already aware that there is a great need for additional “Sheffield”-type cycle racks at the railway station.)

  2. Do you have any other Cambridge venues in mind (there will already be cycle lockers provided at the new Madingley Road Park-and-Ride when it opens)

  3. Would you be prepared to pay £15 per month to use such a facility?

  4. What do you think the charge should be? (We understand that “free” is not likely to be a viable option)

  5. If you’re likely to rent a locker, what sort of timescale would suit you:

    1. All year round
    2. Occasional weeks
    3. Summer months only
    4. Other…

Please send your feedback to the Campaign by June 8th, and we’ll collate the responses and pass them on to Jo.