Manifesto Fest

This article was published in 1996, in Newsletter 6.

The Manifesto for Cycling Provision in the Cambridge Area which we distributed with a newsletter has now gone out to about forty councillors and council officers in the County, City and South Cambs. Councils, along with a letter asking that we form a liaison committee. As you may have seen, in conjunction with the Grand Cycle Ride, the Manifesto launch got a lot of publicity: a full page in the Evening News, three radio interviews and other press coverage.

There used to be a group organised by the City Council, called the Cycle Working Party, but this was abandoned a few years ago. Since then there hasn’t been a forum for liaison, and as we know, it really is needed. We’ve had positive replies from South Cambridgeshire, indications that Cambridge City has already been considering this, and, probably most important, an invitation from the Director of Transportation, Mike Sharpe, to discuss this, which will take place shortly.

Dave Earl