Members’ survey

This article was published in 2005, in Newsletter 59.

The deadline for Members’ Survey returns passed at the end of December, and they have now been sent off for processing. There were over 280 responses. Many thanks to all who sent in completed surveys.

We believe that most of the raw data will have been processed for us by the end of March. The task of analysis of the data will then begin. We therefore hope to have an article in the next Newsletter (or the one following) giving the results of the survey.

A large amount of interesting data has been generated. There were very many comments and suggestions which the Committee will try to follow up. And it will be interesting to analyse views on issues such as the city centre which have seen recent developments.

The results of the Survey will also help inform the Campaign’s work on Cycling 2020, as described in the article in this Newsletter.

One or two methodological issues have come to light in the survey, despite the testing we put it through before sending the survey that you received to press. This feedback will be useful for the next survey.

We hope to repeat the exercise perhaps every two years. Now that much of the initial work to get it running has been done, the delay in getting the most recent one finalised and out to members should be much less next time.

We would particularly welcome feedback on the advantages of a possible additional online version next time, and how duplicated responses, if this additional method of filling it in were available, could be avoided.

Many thanks once again to all who helped in devising the survey, in particular our pre-release testers and our typesetter, David Green.

Martin Lucas-Smith, Co-ordinator