Try a child trailer…

This article was published in 2005, in Newsletter 59.

A pilot project is soon to be launched to give parents at one of Cambridge’s nursery schools the opportunity to try out cycle trailers for carrying young children. People often give up cycling when they have young children, especially when they have a second child. If the pilot is successful, the scheme will work with individual nursery schools, playgroups and pre-school schemes to provide up to two trailers, which parents can then borrow for one week. Full training for staff is given, and assorted information sheets are also provided.

The trailers:

  • Are easy to put on your bike – most trailers will fit onto any bike and can be attached or detached in a minute or two.
  • Are easy to use – they are much easier than they look, follow the bike and, apart from going uphill (which you don’t need to do much around Cambridge), you hardly notice it is there.
  • Can fit up to two children (up to a total weight of about 45kg or 7 stone).
  • Have quite a large amount of space at the back for luggage and shopping.
  • Can carry babies in baby seats which fix into the trailer.
  • Can be converted into a stroller (overgrown pushchair) when you reach your destination.

For more information, contact Clare Rankin (01223) 457108 or e-mail

Clare Macrae