Cambridge CC beginners’ rides

This article was published in 2005, in Newsletter 58.

Cambridge Cycling Club, a local cycle racing group, are in the second year of running beginners’ rides, which are held on the first Saturday of every month from April to October inclusive. We meet at the bus stop at Addenbrooke’s roundabout at 10 am. The rides are 30-35 miles with a cafĂ© stop in a local village or town. In terms of kit, I recommend a bike that’s comfortable and good enough to ride for up to four hours. Clothing should be sports wear and a helmet is also recommended for group riding. Also, a few spare inner tubes, tyre levers and a pump could be handy.

As for pace, we tend to average about 12 mph, but we don’t leave anybody behind. It helps if you are doing a bit of exercise already: whether that’s jogging or swimming or a couple of sessions in a local gym, you get more pleasure out of the cycling by having a fitness base.

Once you feel happy with these rides, you can progress onto our weekly Sunday rides, same place but at 9 am.
phone (01223) 245487

Chris Adams

(Cambridge CTC also run similar rides aimed at newcomers. See the diary for more information – editor).