Junction improvements – for whom?

This article was published in 2005, in Newsletter 58.

Crossing Milton Road on foot or by bike could become more difficult, with three stages and much smaller islands.
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‘Junction Improvements in North Cambridge’ is the title given to proposed changes in the Milton Road and Cowley Road area. Unfortunately this is not how cyclists will see these plans.

Cambridge Cycling Campaign has already written to Cambridgeshire County Council and some Councillors to express our serious concerns over these plans and below we reproduce headlines from our letter:

Possibilities for on-road cycling would be vastly reduced under the proposed scheme.
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We are very concerned that these plans do not take cycling as a transport mode seriously, and strongly oppose them as currently proposed. They will, in effect, force many confident cyclists who currently use the road onto sub-standard shared-use paths.

We viewed these plans at the Stakeholder meeting, and given our strong objections voiced at that meeting, are concerned that no changes appear to have been made to the plans issued for public consultation, following those comments.

Our objections to the detail of the plans are as follows:

  • Removal of ‘on-road’ route on Cowley Road used by many cyclists
  • Width of main cycle route
  • Lack of continuity of cycle route
  • Crossing of Milton Road
  • Lack of a route for northbound cyclists


Milton Road: changes here would remove the cycle lane and alter Cowley Road to make room for more traffic lanes on Milton Road.
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It appears that little thought has been given to the needs or requirements of cyclists in this scheme. This area is already one of the most hostile areas for cyclists in Cambridge, and this scheme makes it worse rather than better. Changes need to be made before this scheme is put to Committee.

You can see the full text of our four-page letter at: www.camcycle.org.uk/campaigning/letters/2004/NA05003NorthCambridgeJunctionImprovements.pdf

Consultation on these plans continues only until Friday 4 February. If you use this area at all, please look at the consultations on the web at: www3.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/transport/managing/projects/cambridge/milton/how_can_have_my_say.htm

Read our letter and then write to your local Councillor and the County Council at cnfe.transport@cambridgeshire.gov.uk .

Jim Chisholm