This article was published in 2004, in Newsletter 55.

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Unpleasantly healthy route

I am writing about my experience of cycling at Addenbrooke’s hospital. I was invited to join a friend for a swim at the hospital’s Frank Lee Centre’s swimming pool. I cycled from my home [about a mile away]; the Frank Lee centre is at the back of the hospital site.

Red Cross Lane.
Image as described adjacent

I decided to take the route along side streets, then to skirt the edge of the Concrete Jungle (Addenbrooke’s). Having used the pedestrian crossing over Hills Road, I used Red Cross Lane then Robinson Way, but I could have used the path by the field. It was on Robinson Way that I found I had to trail blaze my way to my destination. I did not feel safe. I could not find any provision for cyclists from Robinson Way. There were road works at Robinson Way, plus a lorry turning. I eventually reached the sports centre via the ground floor of a deserted car park.

Homeward bound, I found a path, but instead of taking me to Robinson Way it petered out! I pushed my bike through another car park. I used the footpath at the field side – lovely and peaceful. First I had to wait at the road works’ traffic lights. Here I felt very intimidated when a bus came, perfectly within its rights, but so wide and potentially lethal, swinging along inches from my body.

Hasn’t a multi-deck car park been built recently at this site? I think some money could be channelled into a path for cyclists and pedestrians, other than a car park, surely?

I was in need of some exercise this morning, and I achieved this. I also needed an easy ride to a swimming pool, for a relief from noise and stress. In Newsletter 53 you published an article: Ten reasons why it is great to cycle. Included are reasons to do with cycling being healthy. I was invited to swim at a club where health workers go, and I feel disappointed at how unpleasant it was cycling to and from the centre. Even though I realise there were numerous road and building works taking place there today.

Diana FitzGerald