Cycling shorts

This article was published in 2004, in Newsletter 55.

Photo: cycle helmet

Eric Martlew’s Child Helmet Bill did not receive its adjourned Second Reading on 18 June and no future date has been set for continuing. The Bill is therefore effectively dead. However, it is important not to be too congratulatory as the arguments against helmet compulsion have not been recorded in any debate. From

The Department for Transport (DfT) is attempting to get a national journey planner for cyclists together. It will use local knowledge of cyclists already using routes that although cycling friendly may not be well known. Further details are online at .

We had wondered whether the Promotion of Volunteering Bill being promoted by Julian Brazier MP might one day make it easier for the Campaign to get insurance to cover some of our special events and activities. However, this Private Members’ Bill was ‘talked out’ in the House of Commons on 16th July and now stands little chance of becoming law.

We promised a fuller review of the new Jane Coston Cycle Bridge across the A14 between Cambridge and Milton. You’ll have to wait for another issue of the Newsletter: sorry.

The Cycling Campaign has discussed with the Eastern Region Cycling Development Team an experiment to remove the centre line from a road which is not quite wide enough for two cycle lanes and two traffic lanes, so that two cycle lanes reduce it to something like a country lane. For quiet roads this might be a solution to the ‘too narrow for proper cycle lanes’ claims we often meet.

The DfT published Walking & Cycling: an Action Plan in Bike Week. This collection of measures aims to promote cycling and walking as healthy and convenient ways to travel. It includes

  • a programme of new links to extend the National Cycle Network to hundreds of schools;
  • an investment of more than £500,000 to upgrade cycle provision at 200 railway stations;
  • improved promotion of walking and cycling both locally and nationally, including a new web portal for those seeking information on where, how and why to cycle;
  • better training in child pedestrian and cycling skills, including a new National Standard for Child Cycle Training;
  • improved training for local authority transport staff in providing for, and promoting, walking and cycling.