The Jane Coston Cycle Bridge at Milton

This article was published in 2004, in Newsletter 54.


Councillor Jane Coston and Caroline Bowdler first across the bridge.
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The long-awaited cycle bridge across the A14 between Milton and Cambridge was officially opened on Tuesday 18 May. It is named after Jane Coston, the local county councillor who campaigned for many years for the bridge to be built.

The opening ceremony began at Milton Country Park, with speeches of thanks to all those involved in the project. Two coach-loads of dignitaries were then bussed to the other side of the A14, where the grand ribbon-cutting was jointly performed by Councillor Coston and Caroline Bowdler, Regional Director at the Government Office for the East of England. A procession then crossed back over to the Milton side, to the sound of much impromptu lorry-hooting from the A14 below.

Many local people of all ages had come along to try the bridge out, and there was a real festival and party atmosphere. By the time the media had finished orchestrating the crowds, it was school turning-out time, and there was quite a queue of people on both sides, waiting to use the bridge.

Busy, busy, busy…
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Cambridgeshire County Council has produced a useful leaflet to advertise the bridge (enclosed with this Newsletter). It shows routes to business, educational and leisure destinations within easy reach of the bridge. The leaflet is also available on the County Council web site and will be distributed in areas near the bridge.

It’s clear from the level of use already, even on the first day, that the bridge will improve journeys for very many pedestrians and cyclists in Milton, Waterbeach and the north side of Cambridge, and should enable many people to walk or cycle, instead of driving, to school, to work and for fun.

One very early user was a bird, which decided to nest in one of the lamp columns as soon as it was put up. Sensitive contractors are waiting for the bird to leave before putting the lamp in!

To reach the bridge from the Cambridge side, as you come up from the railway underpass on Milton Road, bear off to the right and keep going.

Clare Macrae

Because the opening was so close to printing the Newsletter, we will be reviewing the bridge and its approaches in more detail next issue.