Cycle recycling

This article was published in 2004, in Newsletter 54.

We are sometimes asked (by the bike’s owner) what can be done with an unwanted bike. Here’s what Cambridge City Council’s Recycling Directory has to say on the subject:


Try and repair worn parts. If it can’t be repaired scrap metal value will make it worthwhile for someone. Emmaus will pick up bicycles in good condition (01223 863657). There are many second-hand bicycle shops in Cambridge that buy and sell old cycles and advertise in local phone directories.

The Bike Man who offers a same day repair service at his bike stall on Cambridge Market Square from Monday to Thursday (07850 814186) will accept scrap bicycles delivered to his stall or pick them up in bulk.

Roddy James, the Bike Man.
Image as described adjacent

The ‘Bike Man’ is in fact Roddy James, and he contacted us recently to say that he strips off spare parts from unwanted old bikes for re-use. He now has a huge stock of parts, often unusual or rare, for all manner of old bikes, and is keen for these parts to be re-used. So, if you are looking for some obscure item for some ancient bike, do give Roddy a ring. He would be pleased to look through his filing system to try to find it for you.

The Bike Man’s hours on Cambridge Market are 8am-6pm, from Monday to Thursday and he offers a 6% discount to Cambridge Cycling Campaign members on everything, i.e. bikes, parts and labour.

Clare Macrae