Volunteers needed!

This article was published in 2004, in Newsletter 54.

As usual, we will need volunteers to help run some of these events. In particular, we will need people to help at the Cycle Fair – to help with the stall, to keep an eye on bikes being tried out, and to help with Dr Bike (inexperienced ‘nurses’ are needed to fill in forms and hold spanners and experienced ‘doctors’ are needed to check bikes). We will need one or two volunteers to give out stickers to cyclists so that they can claim their free breakfast at each of the supermarkets and we will also need help with distributing leaflets and posters (mainly to bike shops) a week or more before Bike Week.

If you can offer help, please email or telephone Lisa Woodburn – e-mail jameswoodburn@talk21.com phone (01223) 245566.